Features of the Materia Medica hompath modules:

* Detailed drug photos of the 1974 drugs
* Compare 2 or more remedies at the same time
* Extract Materia Medica from a remedy from a repertoire
* Learning Materia Medical from cases of various prescription schools
* Understanding remedies through images, videos and power point presentations
* Text of plant entry
* Find the exact symptom from the entire Materia medica database.

Materia Medica essentially concerns a term used to indicate an assemblage of knowledge concerning the therapeutic properties of any substance used for curative purposes. Homeopathic Materia Medica dates back to the eighteenth century when Dr. Hahnemann discovered ‘Law of the Like’, ie a substance capable of producing certain set of symptoms of a disease in a healthy human being could be successfully used to treat a disease when set of symptoms similar have been observed in a sick individual. This compilation of the symptoms of a substance that resulted on a healthy human being when organized in an orderly manner is called Homeopathic Materia Medica.

Homeopathic software of the world’s largest database Hompath -, carries on Materia Medica which includes a vast and highly credible database of 3177 remedies, with a detailed photo of 1974 remedies drug, pointer keynotes of 1575 drugs and 3187 prescriber small clinical suggestions.

Function of ‘Research of Materia Medica’ allows you to access the remedies not commonly known to us for a particular symptom. For example, we know that remedies like Nux-v, arsenic and sulfur for the bothersome symptom. But of Materia Medica research we also meet remedies like Bar-m, Bufo, iodine, Thuja, Anacardium, alumina, Strammonium, etc. Thus, it helps boost our knowledge in the field of Materia Medica.

The ‘Materia Medica Extract’ function helps the physician achieve the simillimum by effectively converting the repertoire into Materia Medica. Now you can create an entire Materia Medica of a remedy and ‘Compare the remedies’ according to your desire with the help of this feature.

Thus, you can improve your knowledge of known and unknown domains of any remedy and prepare annotations of research papers, theses and books with this more user-friendly feature.

‘Remedy Information’ helps you get complete information about any remedy on a single screen, thus, saving you time and effort. Information on remedy properties, remedy remedies and remedy keynotes is now easier.

Learn the Materia Medica through images, audio, video and PowerPoint presentations of various remedies and also update the software by adding your contributions to similar forms through our unique feature of ‘Media’.

Homeopathic Materia Medica learning through cases is the most consistent way to understand a remedy. View from 5000+ documented cases by various courageous and experienced persons such as Dr. Hahnemann, Dr. Kent, Dr. Boger, Dr. Clarke, Dr. Shah Jawahar, Dr. Parinaz Humranwala, Dr. ML Sehgal, Dr. Rajan Sankaran, Ian Scholten, Jeremy Sherr, George Loukas, George Vithoulkas, Anne Schadde, Nancy Herrick, etc. which will give you a deep insight into the minutiae of different ways of case, taking, evaluation and analysis, until remedy selection, dosage and follow-up, so help to understand the various prescription schools. You can also view cases for a corrective study, thus making your thesis preparation more substantial and effortless.

Hompath also offers you with the ‘Add Cases’ feature for any remedy from its own practical experiences.

Materia Medica of learning is a lasting process. Limiting your efforts to learn the best is a wisest thing to do. Hompath wants an effort to facilitate you to learn your maximum and heal for maximum potential.

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