Lake Zurich, IL and New York, NY, October 1, 2012 – Hypoxico (), a world leader in altitude simulation, once again selected () PureAire Monitoring Systems Oxygen Deficiency Monitor to meet the needs of its client for the safety and precision.

Since 2006 PureAire monitors monitoring systems of O2 have been used in Hypoxic High Altitude Training rooms. The use of high-altitude training rooms continues to rise among athletes looking for a more effective workout. The philosophy behind this trend is to lower breathing oxygen to emulate training at higher altitudes, making for a more intense workout.

Some customers reported using these altitude training systems include Prince Harry, Lance Armstrong, David Beckham, Cleveland Indians, Bear Grylls and Michael Phelps. The training system can include high-altitude “sleeping tents”. Many other athletes and organizations use altitude training as part of their exercise routines.

PureAire’s oxygen deficiency monitor uses a zirconium oxide sensor. The end result is a monitor that requires no maintenance or calibration and is not subject to environmental “drift”. For these reasons, PureAire has been specified as the best solution for Hypoxico altitude solutions. The life expectancy of the sensor is 10 + years. In addition, the sensors provide complete linearity through the full scale of 0-25% gives an almost analyzer quality to the athletes.

Gary Kotliar, President, Hypoxico, Inc – “before selecting PureAire, we were infected with monitors that required periodic calibration, replacement and repair, we evaluated several solutions and chose PureAire as the only monitor that met our client’s requirements for a maintenance-free solution that delivers quality, precision and low cost PureAire’s commitment to customer service is the icing on the cake. ”

Monitoring systems at Carrino, President, PureAire-
“We are pleased to continue our partnership with Hypoxico.As a leader in altitude simulation, it is important that they continue to provide value to their customers in the form of a solution that includes a system that is easy to manage and offers the lowest total cost of High quality monitoring properties in the industry We are thrilled to be a part of this growing market. ”

Hypoxico, Inc.
Hypoxico is the leading provider of high-altitude training solutions to both individuals and organizations around the world. Hypoxico offers products of the highest quality oriented towards the three most effective methods of altitude training,

• “Live High, Low Train”
• Altitude workouts
• Intermittent hypoxic training (IHT)

The proven benefit of altitude training includes increased speed and endurance, high strength and power, and improved levels of energy and general well-being. For more information, visit
About PureAire Monitoring Systems, Inc.

PureAire is a leader in the gas industry, solutions that enable monitoring organizations to ensure safe work environments, minimize compliance risk and reduce associated costs. Over 1,000 organizations worldwide use PureAire gas monitoring solutions. Since 1996, PureAire’s growth has been a result of an unbeatable combination of innovation and experience in the security solution and environmental needs for customers, as well as a total commitment to support the customer 24 hours a day, 7 days a day. week. For more information, visit.



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